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We Want to Help You Bowl Better...
The Bowlers Depot provides you the best in service to help you bowl your best! We offer great opportunities for you to improve your game by, maintain your equipment, or try something new or at a low cost via plugging and re-drilling services.

We offer two levels of drilling - basic and advanced. The basic drilling provides a well-drilled conventional layout, suitable for beginning bowlers. For beginners who wish to develop more hook and roll, and for everyone else, we offer our advanced drilling package. This package includes a fingertip drilling (grips are extra) with any drilling layout.

Ball "Tune Ups"
Like a car, your performance bowling ball needs maintenance. We have the latest in ball resurfacing equipment to ensure quality work, the best sanding and polishing tools, and the expertise to match the ball and surface to your bowling needs. Periodic resurfacing of the ball to restore a smooth ball surface greatly helps the performance of the ball. Use of ball cleaning and light sanding can also help restore performance as the ball changes characteristics from frequent use.

Stop by, and we'll help you determine what maintenance your performance equipment requires, and we'll never recommend unnecessary services!

Plugging and Re-Drilling

Quality plugging and re-drilling allows you to try a ball, try something new in a grip, or just get into your first ball more cost effectively. We will work to provide the best quality plugging and re-drilling services for you. Remember, all work done at The Bowlers Depot is done to the best of our abilities and your satisfaction is guaranteed!


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